Snyder is a Christian rock trio made up of Ethan Snyder, Greg Hatton and Thane Brooks. They believe in spreading the word of Christ through music. Based out of Muncie, IN., Greg and Ethan started playing together in 2015 and added Thane in 2018.

Ethan Snyder 

Ethan did not grow up in the church. Instead, he came to Christ through music, eventually dedicating his life to Jesus in 2011. Ever since then, his way to give back to God has been through music. “Through every song I write, I hope people hear a message of hope. God has given me more blessings than I can count and I just hope to give something back to Him.”  He has a wife named Mary and they recently had their first son, Benjamin.

Greg Hatton

Greg got his start in music at 14 years old. After some time playing with country bands, Greg felt a strong connection to move into music minsitry so he started playing for his church band. His ultimate goal is to be a strong enough musican to support his wife, Karen, and son, Sam. 

Thane Brooks

Thane grew up homeschooled in a family of ministors surrounded by musical instruments. When asked why music minsitry, he just says “I just know that is where I am supposed to be”.  He feels right at home playing worship music and by drawing inspiration from his favorite artist, David Crowder. In addition to drumming for Snyder, Thane subs in with his churches worship band.

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