Liberia or Bust

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Snyder website and I see that you have found our blog post!

I wanted to give you an update on what all is going on. Things have been a little crazy lately and as a result has caused us to be a little radio silent. Between graduating college and my wife and I having our baby (little Benjamin! He’s a ball of fun!), Greg and Thane have had their busy lives, and having issues getting a practice venue lined up, music hasn’t been super high on the totem-pole. However, we are kicking things back into high gear and are working on some new things!

First off, the album we have been working on for over two years is nearly done! In the few shows we have had, we have played songs from it but are really ready for you to hear them as we do. At the point of this writing, we are aiming for a release date of January 18!

Next, for years I have felt a calling to participate in a missions trip outside of our community. After 8 years, I am excited to say God has opened up an opportunity! In April 2020, I am looking to go to Liberia, Africa as part of their worship team. This opportunity will take me to an African prison, a blind orphanage, a leper colony, and the Hope Center to worship with those in desperate need for Jesus.

You probably saw the picture at the top of the blog. Well, in order to raise the $3,500 needed to take this trip, we are engaging on a fundraising tour- The Liberia or Bust Tour! We are hoping to partner with as many churches as possible to come play for- the best part- it’ll be completely FREE! I bet you’re wondering how we are going to raise money then. We will conduct a goodwill offering at some point during the show plus 50% of all merch sales will go to the mission as well! If you are interested in us coming to your church, please reach out!

Between now and the end of the trip, I am going to keep you all updated with the progress of the trip and updates to the tour so be sure to keep an eye out for new things!

Until next time!


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